"I am the Normandy now. Its sensors are my eyes. Its armor, my skin. Its fusion plant, my heart." 
|Legion|Also taking commissions. 


Just a quick reminder: My commissions start at a measly 20 dollars and go up from there! I also can work on large projects for by-the-hour prices, and I will have a lot of time to work this week! If interested, let me know at Cantonbags04@gmail.com! If you can’t afford or don’t want anything right now, please share this link (or this post) to spread the word! My work is high-quality, but it’s only good if people see it (which, if my notes are anything to go off of, very few have).

Either way, the help goes a long way! Thanks guys, and thank you to all who have already helped me out with this!

Rowan Shepard Commission for todisturbtheuniverse! Gosh this was hella fun to do.
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"We never wanted to harm organics. …We wish to understand, not incite.”
I had way too much fun with this. Sorry for the fanart, but I really enjoyed this piece a lot, and I don’t draw silly stuff like this too often (but if I enjoy it this much, it may become more regular, we’ll see!).
Also continuing to test out styles, and this one is looking pretty enjoyable so far.