Some Red sketches I did the other day and cleaned up after scanning in.  Drawing him consistently is important, and I think I’m finally nailing his character down.
Commission for a friend’s daemon, Eve! She’s a gorgeous grey tabby Maine Coon, and I was more than excited to get the job. She asked for a transparency, but for online usage, I made sure to keep the background color so it was easier to view. Enjoy!
The Adventure Begins… 
My forum did it’s own version of TPP for April Fools Day, and it was hella amazing. Here was our team, in the beginning. ASPCA the Cyndaquil (here he was a quilava), c((t the geodude, BREENIII the Rattata, Gorba the Hoothoot, I the Spinarak and OWW the Zubat. 
I tried to make the trainer at least slightly gender-ambiguous, since there was many people playing them. I think it came out well.



"Do I look like I give a fuq?”
Sassy Coyote for your afternoon. About 7 hours in paint tool sai.

The other thing I did today.

Is all your work now with the monoprice tablet? I’ve been waiting for them to restock but i’m curious how you like it after using it for a while?

I am! It’s really improved my quality of art, being able to draw straight onto the screen. This was completely done on their 19” interactive pen display, and I’m pretty lucky I got it when I did because they have been out of stock for a long time.
As for how I like it; I’m a huge fan so far. It’s got a couple of quirks with my computer, for instance it inputs a lot of energy s I have to unplug from my tower to turn off the computer for the night, but other than that, it looks great. The colors are fantastic, the pressure sensitivity is heaven, and it draws smooth like buttah. It can be annoying to move around, but I can work with it in my lap if I need to- as long as the dog isn’t there first, haha. I DO recommend investing in a hand glove if you get any interactive display; I find I have a tendency to want to rest my hand on the screen when I draw, which can leave smudge marks. A soft, fingerless glove is all you really need to make sure you don’t need to constantly clean your screen.
But yeah, the investment has been well worth it. I’m very please with the results~!
"Do I look like I give a fuq?”
Sassy Coyote for your afternoon. About 7 hours in paint tool sai.
It’s my buddy cyborgraptor's birthday today, so I drew a Rose-ringed Parakeet, one of her favorite of the parrots~.
dicking around, a wip.
You’re super lucky anon because I really wanted to draw another pokemon tonight but I wasn’t sure what to do and you said sableye and I was checking out purplekecleon’s stuff so let’s say I was feeling super inspired and then this rolled out.
About an hour speedpaint. Aww yissssss.