got cutie patootie skunks on the brain~
Commission for my friend, Zola! She wanted a dove and a wolf together! I have a few more slots for commissions, so if interested, please email @ cantonbags04[at]!
Bringing back my life-sized bird paintings! My first bird on the list is the Marvelous Spatuletail, a great, endangered hummingbird with AWESOME tail feathers! However, I need help finding some more birds for the paintings I want to do! If you have any suggestions for small-to-medium sized birds you’d like to see, let me know! I will jot them down on my list for potentials. ;)
Belle, the Lhasa Apso. Oil Paint, 16” x 20” Taking pet portrait commissions, so if interested, please contact!

Shepard. I was just waxing goddamn nostalgic.

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Next up: Thane.
Also taking commissions!
"I am the Normandy now. Its sensors are my eyes. Its armor, my skin. Its fusion plant, my heart." 
|Legion|Also taking commissions. 


Just a quick reminder: My commissions start at a measly 20 dollars and go up from there! I also can work on large projects for by-the-hour prices, and I will have a lot of time to work this week! If interested, let me know at! If you can’t afford or don’t want anything right now, please share this link (or this post) to spread the word! My work is high-quality, but it’s only good if people see it (which, if my notes are anything to go off of, very few have).

Either way, the help goes a long way! Thanks guys, and thank you to all who have already helped me out with this!

Rowan Shepard Commission for todisturbtheuniverse! Gosh this was hella fun to do.
Interested in a commission? Check here!